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Don’t Be Afraid

Do you ever hear a lyric from a song, or a quote from a book, or words from a speaker which seem profound to you or resonates with you in some way?  It happened to me recently.  This is a … Continue reading

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Business Cards: A Little Etiquette, Please

I attended an Entrepreneur Round Table event – not sure why it was called a round table, it was held in an auditorium and the speakers stood on a stage and gave presentations.  Anyway, I digress from my point… the … Continue reading

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Life Authentic

I have an acquaintance named Mark. Anyone who knows him has at one point in time or another said, “Mark is one of the most authentic people I know.”  He is that type of person people just love to be around … Continue reading

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Do you have a dream inventory or bucket list?

Asking clients to complete a dream inventory has been met with a wide-range of response.  Some clients think it’s silly, others really embrace it.  I do have to say, the people that start off thinking it’s silly have all come … Continue reading

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