Confidence in your strengths

I happened to catch part of Wynton Marsalis’ interview on 60 Minutes a couple weeks ago.  Wynton Marsalis is one of the world’s greatest jazz musicians, he tours as “Wynton Marsalis with Jazz” and “Wynton Marsalis Quintet.” I’m sure there are other titles as well.

He has a fascinating background growing up in the music industry.  He’s a brilliant musician and composer.  However, what truly caught my attention was when he was asked why he doesn’t play the role of conductor.  He confidently responded, “I play 4th trumpet, that’s where I’m comfortable” and “I’m not a good conductor!”  Of course he doesn’t just play 4th trumpet, he composes, he plays other instruments, and he does solos.  It is interesting that he doesn’t conduct the group that carries his name and brand. It is interesting that ego doesn’t get in his way and that he encourages other people to shine right along with him. 

It’s a classic example of one knowing his own strengths and surrounding himself with the right people.  People who are strong where he is not, people who complement his strengths, and people who support his vision.

Are you surrounding yourself with the right people?  Do you let people know you’re comfortable not always being in the proverbial driver seat?  Sometimes we have to let other people lead.  Are you letting other people help you shine your light even brighter?

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