Strengths and Talents

Would you agree that you have strengths and you have weaknesses? Everyone does, whether they want to admit it or not is an entirely different story!  I am a big believer in identifying your strengths and weakness and focusing on the strengths.  The only time I suggest working on your weakness is if it is preventing you from doing something or achieving something.   

In a soon to be released book, “Why Selling Sucks!“, Jay Niblick makes the argument that you don’t have strengths and weaknesses; rather you have talents and non-talents.  Your weakness comes into play when you rely on your non-talents to achieve your goals. 

I really appreciate Jay’s approach as it makes sense that your talents would be your strengths, when you use them.  It begs the question, are you trying to make a non-talent work for you? Or are you using all of your talents to navigate your way to success?

Your Challenge
Write down your top 5 talents (strengths) and compare that to your goal achievement plan; how do your goals and your talents line up?

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