Get Organized Using the 3 D’s…

Today my time management skills were tested when I conducted a 10-minute workshop on time management!  I actually finished with 30 seconds to spare.  Anyway, some of what I talked about in the workshop, I thought I’d share here…

You all know time management isn’t really a time management issue, right?  People know they should do the most important things first; yet so many people don’t do what they know they should be doing.  Why do you think that is?  Some answers include: fear, procrastination, disorganization.  It’s that last one I’ll briefly discuss here.  If you have “stuff” piled up and cluttering your desk and your drawers…. get yourself organized by using the 3 D’s of Time Management!  The 3 D’s are:

  • DO
  • DUMP

In terms of getting organized, you want to take action on items that fall into the DO category.  You need to create some sub folders for doing things. Try creating a series of folders called: Today, This Week, Next Week, and This Month.  Keep on top of those folders. 

DUMP – what kind of things are you holding on to?  Are you keeping things that support your vision, values, and goals?  You want to dump those things that are not in alignment with who you are, where you’re going, or with what’s important to you both personally and professionally. 

The 3rd D is DELEGATE!  I know plenty of people who think they don’t have anyone to delegate to.  Well, I will challenge that by saying think outside the box in terms of what and to whom you can delegate things.  I’ll write more on delegation in another blog post!

The really cool thing about mastering the 3 D’s is that they can apply to physical stuff as well as your emails and electronic documents.  You can use the 3 D’s to GET organized and to STAY organized.

Coach’s Challenge
Today your challenge is to go through at least one stack of your “stuff” and tryout the three D’s.  To make the challenge even greater, try touching each of those pieces of papers or emails only once as you categorize them into the 3 D’s of Time Management.

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