Success smells like…

I had a phone conversation today with a man who is looking for a coach and has interviewed several people because he’s looking for, in his words, “somebody awesome to work with.”  The conversation was pretty typical for a coaching consultation where we discussed goals, results, and philosophies.  He said, “Michelle, it comes down to this. I want more success.” So naturally, I asked…

“What does success smell, feel, and taste like to you?”

After a very long pause he nervously giggled and said, “I thought I heard you ask me what success SMELLS like?”  I told him that was indeed part of my question.

He didn’t know how to even begin formulating an answer to my question. Success, to him, meant more money and more opportunity.  When I pushed him to think deeper than dollars and opportunities it helped him put his definition of success into something very real and much more tangible; that is something he can visualize.

He could feel success in the material of the couch he would own, he could taste success by the Kobe beef he would eat, and he could smell success by the ocean he could sail on whenever he wanted to.

What does your personal success smell, taste, and feel like?  When you can get closer to your definition of success, the more likely  you are to achieve it.

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