I have always been fascinated by human behavior.  Sometimes I’m intrigued, sometimes I’m fascinated, and sometimes I’m dumb-founded!  Today, this morning, I was dumb-founded (I actually wrote this in October and just found it in my draft file).  Here’s my story:

I needed to get gasoline for my lawnmower so rather than drive my car 8 blocks to the gas station, I decided to ride my bike.  I put my little 3 gallon gas can on the handle bars of my bike and off I cycled.  I realize I’m not dressed very business like, I have a big baggy zip-up hoody over a white t-shirt, running pants, a bandanna on my head, and beat up running shoes on my feet.

Here are just some of the comments people made while driving by:

  • LOSER!
  • Get a JOB!
  • Ran out of gas, huh?
  • If you ran out of gas, you’re too stupid to own a car

And while I was at the gas station putting gasoline in my little 3 gallon gas can, a young teenager came over to me and asked if I needed a bigger gas can because he lived just a few doors down and he would even fill it up for me. He said, “I know people are really struggling right now, and if you need gas for your car, that isn’t going to get you very far.”  I was touched by his kindness and with a big smile on my face said, “I’m only getting gas for my lawnmower!”  He laughed, then apologized for making an assumption that I was getting gas for my car.

What assumptions do you make about others that aren’t necessarily correct assumptions?

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