Doubt or Faith

Are you living in doubt or living in faith?

This question was posed today during a Christmas pageant. Since it caused me pause, I thought I’d share it with you.  While I think the intent of the question was grounded in Christian faith, I think it applies to faith in yourself, faith in others, along with your religious or spiritual faith.

A friend of mine recently turned down the job of her dreams because she didn’t think she could handle the position.  Those of us who know her, know she would be a rock star in that position. She allowed her doubt to hold her back.  That offer may or may not ever come again.  If she had stronger faith in herself and her abilities, she might have made a different decision.

We’ve all experienced some level of doubt.  Did the doubt paralyze you? Did it prevent you from trying something new? If you had more faith would you have done things differently?

Don’t let your doubts prevent you from achieving your goals!

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