The Emerging You blog is written with the intent of sharing experiences, thoughts, random musings, and ideas on a wide variety of topics which may help you discover more potential and perhaps provide a little levity on the continuous journey of this thing we call life!

I’m not about fame and fortune, I am all about the quest to emerge as the best me I can be.  I hope you join me on the journey of accelerating success and that this little blog will help enrich you on your journey.

About Me

I am Dr. Michelle (Shellie) Seyfarth, a nationally recognized personal and professional development coach.  Everything I do is based on the foundation and belief that success comes from within. So whether I’m working with teenagers, entrepreneurs, business owners, large corporations, C-level executives, or a person simply stuck in a rut, …. my role as a coach is to help clients discover and develop more potential in order to accelerate the successes they’re looking for in their personal and/or professional lives.


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