Emerging Me

The road I’ve traveled to emerge as the best person I can be has been filled with peaks and valleys and many twists and turns.  Our lives are our stories. I always enjoy hearing other people’s stories and for a twist, a friend suggested I share a bit of my own story; so hear it goes, the following paragraph is just a snippet from early adulthood and how one summer experience planted a seed in me that continues to grow today:

I held a variety of jobs between high school and graduating with my first college degree. One of my favorite jobs was working as a tennis instructor and camp counselor at a beautiful co-ed sports camp located in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. As a counselor, I was assigned to the pre-teen girls. We had so much fun!  The counselors periodically had evenings off, and on one such evening, I had been out on the soccer field with some fellow counselors enjoying the amazing view of the stars. It was as if you could just reach out and grab one.  I decided my girls needed to see it, so I went to my cabin, woke up all of my girls and told them to grab their sleeping bags.  They were so mad at me! All I heard on the trail from the cabin to the field was complaining and grumbling…that is until we arrived at the soccer field.  I had them lay their sleeping bags out in the field and we spent the rest of the night out in the field just taking in the incredible view.  The next morning they were telling everyone about their awesome experience.  It was a summer of these types of experiences where a seed was planted for what I now know is my purpose and life calling —- helping people do things and see things differently so they don’t grumble and complain on their journey!

You can read about my corporate background on our website’s “About Us” page if you’re interested.

Below are answers to some of the most common questions I am asked:

Why did you become a coach?

It took me until my mid to late 30’s to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up! I’ve always wanted to have my own business, the problem with that was I get bored very easily. I have a ton of interests and hobbies, so I thought about opening a restaurant, a craft store, a dog treat bakery (barkery) with a doggy day care center attached, or a book store & coffee shop, etc…etc…etc… I knew if I did any of those things, I’d be bored within a couple years. With coaching I’ve never been bored because I’m working with a diverse set of people from any number of industries.  As much as my clients learn from me, I learn from them. What it really comes down to is this: I’ve always had a burning desire to help people and for me, there is no greater joy than seeing my clients achieve the personal and professional successes they need, want, and deserve to have.

What do you like most about being a coach?

There are SOOOO many things I like about being a coach.  I love being my own boss, after all, I’m the best boss I’ve ever had!  I love helping people think about things differently. Most of all, I am fulfilled when my clients grow, develop, and benefit from our working relationship.

What kind of people or businesses do you work with?

I know people who do a lot of networking hate this answer: I work with just about anyone. They key things I look for in a new client is a desire to grow, a desire to develop, and a willingness to do things differently. My clients have ranged from at-risk teens, high-potential teens, young adults in college, entrepreneurs, business executives, business owners, employees of small and large corporations, a music producer, even a housewife.  They all had one thing in common — they wanted things to be different in their lives (personally and/or professionally) and they wanted to accelerate their success. 



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