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Rising Stars™

Youth Leadership

Rising Stars™ is designed to help todays youth develop their personal leadership skills and begin to set goals and directions for their lives. We help young people turn potential into performance by developing their most valuable asset - - - themselves! Today, more than ever, we need to be aware of the benefit of investing in the development of our youth. Leadership is essential in enabling youth to develop character, confidence, and values that promote the understanding of a healthy behavior.

Rising Stars™ is a process that helps youth develop their ability to make positive life choices based upon sound values and a vision of a successful future. It helps students improve their GPAs, increase attendance rates, seek out diverse options, develop decision making skills, develop positive attitudes & self-confidence, and reduce risk behaviors.

Rising Stars™ is an innovative and unique program focused on 4 critical elements promoting personal leadership, healthy behaviors, and the skills employers identify as essential:

  • Positive attitudes
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Goal-achievement skills
  • Time-management skills

Today more than ever, we need to be aware of the benefit of investing in the development of our young people. While schools teach the 3Rs, we focus on the 4th R- Reality. Our results are practical and measurable. We work with youth in Grades 8-12 on an individual (in-person or via telephone) or group setting. Each participant is provided a workbook, audio CDs, as well as many tools including a dream inventory and self-evaluations on different aspects of their life; and just one of the deliverables is a life action plan based upon his/her short and long term life goals.

If your youth or youth organization is interested in learning more about this life changing program, please contact us at 313.384.4475 or RisingStars@SeyfarthDiversfied.com

Additional Information:
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